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Some background information on my life as it affects and has affected my painting...

I am an 87 year old housewife who restarted at the beginning of 2021...I did some painting while living in Asia, but was busy raising five children, keeping up with my then husband's busy life, and doing volunteer work in the Asian communities in which we lived. Life in Hong Kong and Korea was interesting and informative, and I believe that some of the Buddhist and local philosophy of life has influenced my work - then and now.

I find a great deal of satisfaction, joy, and comfort in my current "full time" task of painting that which I know and enjoy. I don't write books but my stories are in my paintings, and for the past 25 years (since 1996), I have been living an interesting and now comfortable life in Las Vegas, Nevada. Other than painting, I enjoy reading detective stories, books about England's past, and playing poker online, occasionally at our local casino.

My paintings are usually created on three basic sizes:" 12x16, 16x20, and 18x24 (inches)...usually on stretched canvas but may also be on canvas panel... determination is made based upon subject, where the paintings will be placed, and similar considerations. Two of my paintings are shown below; look for more of my paintings which will be added on a regular basis...

California Russian River scene
16 x 20 acrylic stretched canvas

A common old building on
a Wyoming cattle ranch
12x16 acrylic stretched canvas

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Due to an increasing number of paintings Fran has created
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Hong Kong to Tulips...enter
A Variety of Four


Moon Spirit to Hillside Cottage enter
Nature's Beauty


Arizona and Hawaii enter

Comfortable Times


River, Bird, Lake, House enter

Asia to Nevada


Singapore to 'Frisco enter

Valley, Flowers, Bay


Valley of Fire to Singapore enter
West Meets East


Cowboy and Garden enter
Rodeo Time in Clark County


Only 8 Seconds enter
Another Nature at its Best


Sunflowers and Rainbow enter
Mother Nature Not So Good


Heavy Rain enter
Fall Weather in Pennsylvania


Fall Tree #2, Protea enter
Acrylic and Gouache larger paintings

Korea, Cherry Blosoms, Buddhist Temple...enter here

fransart.online is undergoing several important changes. The site will continie to display France's Acrylic and Gouache paintings.
Her new site, FRANSARTT.NET, will be open in the middle of November,
and will display and have for sale prints made from selected paintings.

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